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Litigation is a time-consuming process that requires the help of storied attorneys to guide you through it from start to finish.
Sullivan & Associates, LLC, is a Massachusetts-based law firm located in Woburn, Massachusetts, and practicing in the greater Boston area. We specialize in insurance defense, business law and personal injury cases.

Areas Of Practice

Insurance Defense

We have represented regional insurers and their insureds for decades and understand the need for a timely and aggressive defense. We have obtained successful results in first-party actions, arbitration, mediation and reference forms as well as traditional third-party claims.

 Business Law

A lot of legal input goes into a business, from creation to contracts. Utilize our business experience to give yourself an edge when it comes to contracts, disputes and more.

Personal Injury

Being injured due to the negligence of someone else is often a major upheaval for those who have been hurt. Work with us, and we will make sure to do our best to get you the payment you deserve.

Employment Litigation

A seemingly minor employment dispute can quickly become a huge problem that disrupts the work environment and impacts your business or employment.

A Firm With Decades Of Litigation Experience At Your Disposal

We understand that when it is time to engage an attorney, the stakes are likely high. You must make the right choice from the start – and you don’t have time to waste.

Sullivan & Associates, LLC, is known for its vigorous representation of clients’ interests, long-standing trial expertise, exceptional reputation and, especially, for the results we’ve achieved on behalf of countless individuals and companies. With over 150 years of combined experience, we put our vast range of knowledge, and highly strategic and disciplined approach to work for you and ensure that we fight for the resolution you deserve.

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Respectful Of Your Time And Finances

Responsiveness and mindfulness to your concerns is our highest priority. We know that the stakes in your situation may be high and have an impact on your livelihood. Not only do we strive to make ourselves as available as we can for you, we also know that this has an impact on you and your family economically as well. We work with you to provide the updates we can and make sure that our solutions are the most cost-effective they can be, providing flexible billing and contingency fee arrangements when necessary.

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Testimonials From Our Clients

“Attorney Chris Sullivan has represented me as a plaintiff in a number of instances, and has consistently produced outstanding results. Mr. Sullivan is a dedicated and driven professional who perseveres on behalf of his clients’ interests. He is reliable, determined, and sincere. I highly recommend him.”

— Kathleen P., Client

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Case Results

Supreme Judicial Court

This a wrongful death case that was brought by the deceased’s estate against a homeowner who entered into a short-term weekend lease (through an Airbnb-like platform) of his residence to a group of college alumni who were throwing a reunion get-together. The lessee made extensive preparations for the party, invited well known disc jockeys, set up multiple bars and distributed flyers advertising a “Splash Mansion Pool Party”. The deceased was invited to the party that had allegedly grown to be over 100 guests and was unfortunately involved in an altercation in the early morning hours where he was shot and killed near the outdoor pool. The local police extensively investigated the murder but were unable to obtain enough evidence to identify the responsible party. The plaintiff brought a suit alleging the homeowner was negligent, violated local zoning ordinances by using his property in such a manner, failing to provide security, failing to take steps to investigate the background of the short-term lessee and monitor the event. A motion to dismiss was filed by the defendant and allowed in Superior Court challenging the basis of the legal duty owed by the homeowner to the plaintiff. An appeal was taken to the Massachusetts Appeals Court and direct appellate review was granted by the Supreme Judicial Court. The plaintiff argued that just as hotels, restaurants and common carries owe a duty to protect their customers from third-party harm, the defendant as a “short-term rental operator” had the same duty to all lawful visitors on this property during a rental. The defendant argued there was no duty for a property owner to protect guests from the random violent acts of third parties. Absent a special relationship between the plaintiff and the defendant, no duty existed as a matter of law. The SJC declined to expand the duty owed by a property owner in these circumstances despite the use of a new age economy platform of Airbnb-like rentals, upheld existing common law and affirmed the Superior Court judge’s decision to grant the defendant’s motion to dismiss. 2021.

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